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People Are Turning 'Sad Kermit' Into Wholesome Memes And We're Definitely Not Crying



Of all the Kermit the Frog memes circulating online, none are sadder than "Sad Kermit," featuring our favorite muppet holding his knees to his chest and looking forlorn.  

He looks like he's had a rough 2016 (he's in good company there) and he really needs a hug. 

However, Twitter user @jonnysun came to the rescue and turned sad Kermit into a meme that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

He wrote, "when u give urself a gentle hug evrey night before u go to bed, reassuring urself that no mater wat, the day was yours bc u chose to live it." We could all use some Kermit-based inspiration every now and then. Perhaps he should be the new face of self-care. 

But @jonnysun wasn't done yet — he challenged the rest of Twitter to come up with equally heartwarming memes. And the Internet delivered with an abundance of joyful suggestions.

Twitter took on the challenge and produced the most wholesome memes — memes that even made 2016 seem a little sweeter. 

It's the little things in life. 

People just kept going and turned sad Kermit into some unbearably cute inspiration. 

Some Kermit interpretations were surprisingly self-aware and a little #TooReal. 

...In case you were looking to have your heart ripped out by a stuffed frog this afternoon...

Don't do this to us, Kermit...

We weren't exactly expecting to be taken on the emotional rollercoaster of the century with Kermit memes, but, as we've learned, anything is possible in 2016. 

BRB, we'll be trying to collect ourselves and recover from all the feelings. 

Life really is short and beautiful. Thanks for reminding us, Kermit. 

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