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This Girl's Birthday Party Was So Crazy That Thousands Attended And One Person Died


Rubi Ibarra from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, recently turned 15. So her parents posted an online invitation intended to ask friends to come to her quinceañera — a special celebration in many Central and South American countries which is held when a girl turn 15. But there was no way they could've anticipated what happened next.

They forgot to make the invite private and it quickly went viral. Which is usually a good thing if you're trying to promote a service or a person.

But when you're a family from a rural village in Mexico celebrating your daughter's 15th birthday, getting all of that attention could be a bit overwhelming, especially when you've got a million RSVPs to your event.

Rubi Ibarra ended up with thousands of guests at her party thanks to an internet frenzy where both stars and companies got in on the celebration.

Mexican airline Interjet offered 30% discounts to anyone who was flying to San Luis Potosi, the airport closest to the event. They published the deal with the tag-line, "Are you going to Rubi's party?"

Other companies poured out offers of sponsorships and donations to all be a part of Rubi's party.