Thigh Makeup Is The Ridiculous Beauty Trend That's Here To Distract You From Real Life



Instagram has introduced us to all kinds of beauty trends we never needed — rainbow eyebrows, glitter armpits, and ouija board makeup, to name a few (although no trend is quite as unnecessary as the furry nails craze of 2016). 

However, in the wake of the most tumultuous political time in modern history, unsolicited and strange beauty trends are a welcome distraction. 

So, oddly enough, we couldn't be more grateful for the arrival of thigh makeup — for those days when your pores just can't handle a full face of products...

Finally, you can have those perfectly-shaped eyebrows that your genetics and natural hair growth simply won't allow... by drawing them on your leg. 

Sure, this makes absolutely no sense, but would you rather focus on reality? Yeah, we didn't think so. 

The final product actually looks pretty cool.

Perhaps this will be a useful addition to your next Halloween costume. Or just something to wear on public transportation to assure that no one sits next to you. 

It's only a matter of time before makeup companies catch on and start marketing "thighshadow" and "thighbrow pencils." 

And, hey, applying perfectly symmetrical wings to your eyeliner is suddenly a possibility. Why didn't we think of this sooner? 

Perhaps we were too busy attempting crystal lips and 'Harry Potter' nails. 

As with "regular" makeup, things get really fun when you add some gore and make it creepy AF.

Welcome to your newest hobby. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? (h/t cosmopolitan)

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