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Watching News Anchors 'Cracking' Secret Emoji Messages Will Do Wonders For Your Self-Esteem

By Omar Rimawi

For years, news anchors have told parents that their kids have secret codes they use so they can communicate freely in front of them without suspicion, and for years they were dead wrong. 

This time it's John Hopperstad of Seattle's Q13 Fox News that infiltrated the twisted world of millennial emoji use. What he found was shocking.

The segment starts with Hopperstad sharing that some kids are starting to use emojis to send secret codes in an effort to trick their parents. "Often, it's a combination of emojis, like a face with a zipper along with a couple. This could mean, 'Don't tell your parents what we're going to do,'" the anchor explains. "If it's just a simple fox emoji, that could mean, 'Let's go sneak out of the house.'"

He goes on to add that there are darker codes being used as well. "A skull, arrow, and a flame could be someone saying to someone, 'I hope you die in a fire.'" Um ... yikes.

The absurdity of the segment led to it becoming very popular with emoji users nationwide and makes Hopperstad look like this: