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Twitter Is In Love With This Couple Who Went To Special Needs Prom Together


The world right now is making us all feel pretty jaded and negative, so maybe let's all forget about all that for a minute and focus on some of the good. Like this amazing prom that's giving special needs students the chance to have a big memorable prom night they weren't able to experience otherwise? And let's particularly focus on this adorable couple and their swanky prom attire?

I never went to prom and I didn't regret it, but I know plenty of people who didn't go for one reason or another and have spent decades stewing over it, so it's fantastic that these folks won't miss out just because they have Down's syndrome. While the true goal should be for high schools to make their prom experience accessible to all students regardless of their disabilities, and I can't really fathom why these kids couldn't go to those events, I'm glad they had an alternative night to shine and get dressed up.

Twitter user ThatGuyJigg recently took to Twitter to share perhaps the cutest couple in the would right now — his brother, Justin, and his prom date, Victoria. They're all dressed up for Night to Shine, an "unforgettable prom experience" for special needs kids who might not be able to go their school's prom.