'Cards Against Humanity' Creator Vows To Buy And Publish Congress's Internet History



Many Americans are understandably upset that state representatives voted against net neutrality, effectively allowing Internet Service Providers (like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, etc.) to sell our private data off to whichever company wants to buy it.

Adding insult to injury is just how little some of the representatives had donated to them from the ISPs to fork over our personal data. The Verge posted a handy-dandy list of all 265 representatives and the amount of money they sold away our private information to corporations for. You can check it out here.

People were alarmed that the bill would pass, like "Cards Against Humanity" creator Max Temkin.

Temkin vowed on Twitter that if the anti-net neutrality bill was passed that he would personally buy the private browsing history of each and every Congress person and Congressional aide who voted for the bill and publish it online for the entire world to see. You know, so they would know what it feels like to have their personal data auctioned off like that.

Now that the bill has passed, Temkin promised people he'll use his personal wealth to do it and warns against crowdfunding campaigns.

The only obstacle now is to find out how he could buy the data, but it seems like it's something he's seriously pursuing.

Some people are pointing out that certain members of Congress have a lot to be afraid of.

Do you think Temkin is making the right decision? Or is there a better way to get his point across?

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