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This Tiny Castle In England Is The Hybrid Of All Your Housing Dreams



Do you have fantasies about being the King of your own personal castle, but also living in an itty bitty house? The internet has done weird things to us. The Internet has also gifted us with this incredibly detailed hybrid of all your housing Pinterest posts in one. Behold Molly's Lodge, a one bedroom castle that sits on a 0.61 acre plot of land in the Cotswolds on the southern tip of Warwickshire, otherwise known the intersection of my hopes and dreams. Just look at this place:

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This wee kingdom isn't just some knock-off, either. It was designed by architect Edward Blore, in the 1830s, according to Country Living. Blore worked on lots of famous projects including an extension on Buckingham Palace for Queen Victoria, so he knew what he was doing. Since Blore's time there's been some remodeling in the interior, so things are fairly modern:

Source: Savills
Source: Savills
Source: Savills
Source: Savills

You can have this perfect picture for only £550,000. Hat not included. This seems entirely reasonable when you see the rest of the estate. Why, yes, of course every castle comes with land, squire. In my humble opinion, the gardens really elevate the whole property from cosplay to royal living:

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Lily pads! Rose arbors! Old stone seats that look weirdly like mushrooms! This pace truly has it all, even miniature crenelations to stand on, while looking broodingly into the distance. And if you plan on sharing your little fiefdom, they have a guest house which has been outfitted beautifully as well—though frankly, it obviously used to be where horses pooped:

Source: Savills
Source: Savills

Live the dream if you can afford it, but know that many have fallen in love with your homestead and are likely planning to lay siege. Where's the boiling oil shoot on this thing?

Source: Savills

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