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Wendy's Promises This Guy Free Chicken Nuggets For A Year If He Gets Enough Retweets

By Mark Pygas

The people in charge of the Wendy's Twitter account are social media geniuses. Their job mostly involves roasting people and making ludicrous promises if someone gets a certain amount of retweets. But now, they might have to keep one of those promises. 

Twitter user Carter Wilkerson was interested to see how many retweets it would take for a year of free chicken nuggets. Wendy's replied with the outrageous goal of 18 million tweets. For reference, the most retweeted tweet in history is Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie, with 3.2 million. 

But with the help of the internet, Wilkerson has acquired 950,000 retweets in just 24 hours, and is well on his way to a year of free nuggets.