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Woman Gets Hilarious Revenge After Husband's Sexist 'Sandwich Maker' Joke

By Aimee Lutkin

Telling a woman to "make a sandwich" is such a cliched thing to say. It was briefly ironic for a man to jokingly demand a woman get in the kitchen and clap that Wonder Bread, because we admitted as a culture that women shouldn't be the only ones slapping bread and mayo together. Joke's over! Get off your butt and cut some crusts off for the ladies, fellas. No one is laughing anymore, as can be seen in this Reddit post from vollkommenes. He writes that he called his wife a "sandwich maker" and she took her revenge. Oh, she took her revenge.

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"Called my wife a sandwich maker" is really all the explanation needed, as the pictures speak a thousand angry words about the effort that goes into keeping everyone fed: