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Student Sends PowerPoint Presentation To Crush On Why He Should Date Her

Student Sends PowerPoint Presentation To Crush On Why He Should Date Her
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Updated 1 year ago

When you're trying to connect with your crush, you want to make sure that you make a good first impression, because those are hella important.

You don't want to just message them out of nowhere on Facebook and say, "sup," nor do you want to awkwardly approach them and face the ultimate fear: in-person rejection.

You want to send a clear, creative message that you're interested in them. And there's tons of ways to do that. You could stand outside of their window holding a radio above your head playing their favorite song. Or dress up as a green man and run on a baseball field, proclaiming your love for them. Or you know, you could try a cool pick-up line, but I've never been good at those.

Or you could do what this girl did: come up with a dope PowerPoint presentation listing all of the reasons why you'd be an awesome person to date.

Lizzy Fenton sent this incredible presentation to her crush, hoping to seal the deal.

Despite putting together one of the coolest dating presentations ever, it didn't really impress Fenton's crush all that much.

She updated her adoring fans on Twitter.

Microsoft even got in on the action to make Lizzy feel better.

A quick look at her Twitter shows that she's not only got dope PowerPoint skills, but great coffee design techniques, as well.

People were quick to make Lizzy feel better about her crush's lack of interest.

Seriously, what kind of guy wouldn't even want to go out on a date with a girl who made a presentation like this? I would totally be down. Maybe she should hit up this guy whose Tinder profile was a PowerPoint?

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