This Beautiful Wedding Gown Is Entirely Edible And We're Obsessed



For some people, the most important part of the wedding is seeing the bride arrive in her gown for the first time. I see people choking up, getting emotional, and taking more photos than they know what to do with of the glammed up, matrimonial goddess.

Then there are people like me who are only thinking of one thing and one thing only: what that cake do. And by cake, I literally mean what kind of wedding cake did they opt to provide the guests with. Did they go for a fondant-covered monstrosity with some dry and bland white cake on the inside? Is there fruit? Are there different varieties? Did they make a bold choice and go with chocolate? I HAVE TO KNOW.

But what if someone decided to combine the best of both worlds and combine both cake and bridal gown?

It might sound like the work of a madman, but someone actually went and did it.

Emma Jayne entered this full-sized confectionery gown in the Cake International show in London.

She modeled the enormous and gorgeous cake after the bridal gown designs of Philippines-based designer Mark Tumang. 

What's super impressive is that Jayne made the entire cake by hand. That's right, no 3D printing, no machines, just old-fashioned workmanship. 

Honestly, if you didn't know any better, there's no way you would think that this thing is a cake.

If you look closely at the cake-dress, you'll notice that the same intricate floral patterns that exist on Tumang's design are present on the dessert. Jayne was able to do that by using a little tool called a dragéekiss. It allows designers to individually put sprinkles on cake which gives the appearance of sewn fabric. What's even crazier is that each flower has a sugar pearl popped in the middle of their petals.

 Hopefully it tasted as good as it looked. (h/t insider)

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