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Source: Molli Howard

Dad Threatens Son With The Perfect Punishment For Acting Out In Class

By Aimee Lutkin

Did you get calls home when you were a kid? My mom got a lot of notices about me skipping class, but she never figured out how to cure me of the habit, probably because I wasn't scared of her punishments. And now, here I am, a blogger. Stay in school, kids! 

There are still some parents who follow through on their threats, like this dad, Bradley Howard. According to BuzzFeed, Bradley Senior was getting a lot of calls about his son, also named Bradley Howard. No, it wasn't a mix up at the bank—Bradley Howard the Younger was behaving badly in physics class. Badly Bradley. 

The daughter of the family, Molli Howard, tweeted a screenshot of a conversation with her family, in which Dad Brad went to sit next to his son in class to make sure he made it through at least one period without acting a fool. 

She captioned it, "My dad told my brother if he got another call from the physics teacher complaining he would go sit in his got another call."

The text includes a selfie of dad Bradley Howard next to his son, looking self-satisfied. Bradley Howard the teen told BuzzFeed that he was completely surprised to see his dad waiting for him in the classroom. "I didn't even notice him until after I had said hi to all of my friends, but I was super shocked," he said. 

It looks like he's trying to pretend it's not happening: