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No One Can Solve This Math Question Given To First Graders In Singapore

By Mark Pygas

As if we needed yet another reminder that we're terrible at math, an exam question given to first graders in Singapore has the Internet scratching their collective heads. "Study the number pattern. Fill in the missing numbers," the instructions read.  Math in general is definitely one of the if you don't use it, you lose it skills. Many of the easy assignments kids get these days revolve around a system that's designed to work with kids within the curriculum. It doesn't always mean it's the most practical way to solve something so they often tend to be hard for adults to figure out.

The question is a number problem, with a circle split in four with different numbers in each section. Around the sides are four empty circles, with another circle in the middle of the first circle. The questions asks children to fill in the four circles with no numbers so that they total the middle number in all cases.