People Are Freaked Out By This 'Dad Bod' Inspired Swimsuit



Beauty is sort of in the eye of the beholder. Nothing was ever truer than when it comes to fashion. We've seen plenty of fashion nightmares over the years that left us asking "Why?" but sometimes you come across an something so head scratching you just do not have the answer for it. That's sort of where we're at with some of these latest fashion trends.

It's summer! Time to whip out the dad bod and head to the beach. Yes, dad bods are still in. How do we know? Because the popular fashion brand Beloved Shirts has released a swimsuit for women who love dad bods a little too much. Whats a "dad bod" you might ask? Well it's a new trend of embracing the male body in it's peak dad shape. That means forget the six pack abs and hello a bit of squish. And we can't forget the hair. It's the thing all women are talking about this year as being the year of the dad bod so it seems this company took that to the extreme for those ladies who just couldn't get enough:

This costs $44.95, by the way, and it's on sale. Would you even spend a dollar on it? It almost seems like it was made as a joke but it has actual reviews on it from verified customers. We'd be shocked to see someone actually sporting this get up in public. Unsurprisingly, people have no idea how to feel about this latest fashion trend. Just took at the reaction from these poor kids:

Twitter had the same reaction as them, most were cheeped out:

We'll never understand fashion. Would  you ever be caught dead wearing one of these monstrosities? If so you're probably much braver than us.

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