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This Dog Got A Maternity Shoot And It Was Better Than Most Human Photo Shoots


Maternity shoots are all the rage these days.  There have been so many envoking all different emotions.  There are ones that make you cry from the cuteness, others that make you laugh from the silliness, and even some get crazy like being under water.  But none of them can compare to when you get a loveable dog and their owner together and put together the maternity shoot for the ages.  Who wouldn't love a good pup photo shoot?

Although you probably won't admit it, we're all secretly tired of seeing maternity shoot after maternity shoot on our Facebook feeds. We get it, you're pregnant, stop posing with a flower crown. There are exceptions, however. We can never get enough animal maternity shoots. 

So when Elsa Veria-Means of Olympia, Washington, decided to have a photo shoot with her pregnant dog Fusee, social media loved it.