Oreo Is Mailing People Customized Flavors And Twitter Is Taking Full Advantage



Oreo cookies have become an American staple.  While they are not very good for you, they are downright delicious.  Not a whole lot better than some Oreos dipped in milk as a nice treat.  Over the years, the company has been testing some new flavors for their signature cookie.  It seems like blasphemy to most, as it is hard to change a good thing, but others have been open to some ideas.  The new flavors, however, have left much to be desired in the first rounds.  Its one thing to mess with an iconic product and ingredients, its another to get a little crazy and try to really push the envelope.  For instance, no thanks on Jolly Rancher Oreos, that is just gross.  Chocolate cookie with cream filling and a glass of milk.  Done and done, next please.  

Oreo's latest ad campaign is taking off because it's giving everyone an opportunity to do what they love most—fantasize about what kind of cookies they want to be eating right now. The hashtag #MyOreoCreation on Twitter is full of wild ideas from people with rabid sweet tooths. The campaign has been going on since May, according to Mashable, who report that flavor suggestions have included Coffee, Glazed Donut, Bacon, Nut 'N Honey, Raspberry Danish, as well as Unicorn and Millennial Pink, whatever that means. I'm picturing bland cotton candy?

But there are plenty of other flavors to shake your head at or start salivating over:

But then last week, a few people actually received samples of their flavor suggestion by mail, which is perhaps the greatest gift Nabisco has ever given:

But some people just got an animation? You can't eat that!

OK, admit it: Who wants an avocado Oreo?

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