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This Police Department's Hilarious PSA To Parents Is Going Viral


The town of Gilbert, Arizona, is in safe hands if their police department's Twitter feed is anything to go by. It's nearly time for kids to go back to school, and the department recently decided to put out a PSA for parents who might be tricked when it comes to back to school shopping...

On their official Twitter account, the Gilbert Police Department issued the following statement accompanying the photos below: "If your kid tells you they need any of these items for chemistry class, they are lying "

People obviously found it hilarious.

"I'm the official high school chemistry teacher of America and I require every student to possess these items," wrote one person on Twitter. Another added, "Well they sure came in handy when I went to school." A third chimed in to share a photo of all of his devices, captioning it, "What do you think of my chemistry set?"