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There Is A Tropical Storm Named Don And Twitter Is Making A Lot Of Jokes


Tropical storms and hurricanes are not to be messed with.  During Hurricane season in the southeast United States and Caribbean, storms will form in the Atlantic all the time and it seems that it keeps getting worse.  The storm will then pick up speed and intensity and sometimes will make its way all the way to land.  There is a pretty easy system that scientists have created as they track each storm out to sea with radar.  As it picks up wind speed and intensity, it becomes a tropical storm, and if it gets even more intense, it becomes a hurricane.  The higher the wind speed picks up, the category will rise from 1 to 5.  When you start approaching category 5 and landfall is imminent, that is when bad things happen and evacuations and destruction occurs.  These major hurricanes do not happen often, but when they do, it can be pretty catastrophic.  As every storm develops, there is a tracking system to "name" every storm that appears to be significant enough to be a tropical storm and seem to be destined for landfall.  They start with "A" (or whatever letter they left off on) and then work their way alphabetically through the season with random names chosen by different weather groups.  Sometimes, it is unfortunate if your name is associated with a really bad storm, for no fault of your own.  

A tropical storm formed in the Atlantic Ocean east of the Windward Islands last night, and the National Hurricane Service had to name it. So of course, they named it Don, though they insist that the storm isn't named after President Donald Trump. 

While Don is expected to weaken, warnings have been issued in Grenada. Though it did cause quite the stir on Twitter...