OJ Simpson Granted Parole On Live TV And Twitter Can't Look Away



O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after making a plea on live television.

The 70-year-old former football star spent eight years in prison when he was caught attempting to steal some sports memorabilia and mementos he claimed belonged to him. The reason why the theft was taken so seriously was because Simpson was armed.

In his on-air plea, Simpson insisted that he was only trying to retrieve property that rightfully belonged to him and he never intended to use the weapon that was on his person. He also insisted he never pointed the gun at anyone during his attempt, nor did he threaten anyone with the weapon, something Bruce Fromong, one of the men Simpson accosted with the gun, corroborated.

"I've done my time. I've done it as well and respectfully as I think anybody can," OJ said.

The parole commissioners granted Simpson the four votes that were necessary for him to make parole.

Contributing to his case was his oldest child, Arnelle Simpson, who testified on behalf of her father, saying, "We just want him to come home, we really do." 

Twitter was quick to pull up some of the funnier moments from the hearing, like when a parole officer told him he was going to get the same hearing as anyone else. Simpson was reluctant to believe that.

Other people felt like they traveled back in time.

Many pointed out that one of the parole officers could've been trolling Simpson with this Kansas City Chiefs tie.

Someone had inaccurately read Simpson's age as 90, and the Juice had a joke for that, too.

There was also a moment during the hearing where Simpson was asked to give his account of the robbery, and to say that the former football standout was rambling would be an understatement.

And of course, the 1995 trial came up.

Simpson also talked about how he reformed while in prison.

He even went on record saying that he realized he was a good guy.

But a lot of people weren't having it.

Throughout the hearing, Simpson wasn't afraid to make jokes about himself, either.

Ultimately, Simpson was granted parole, which means he'll be eligible for release come this October 1st.

The board still has to decide whether or not Simpson will be released when that time comes, however.

You can best believe all media outlets are setting up calendar alerts for October 1st right now. (h/t abc chicago)

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