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Source: Instagram

This Artist Is Turning Stretch Marks Into Beautiful Rainbow Designs


Cinta Tort Cartró is an artist who is building up a name for herself on Instagram as Zinteta. Bored Panda reports that part of what's made her so popular is the divisiveness of her work. People keep arguing about whether or not what Zinteta does is gross or beautiful, and opinions on that probably mostly have to do with how body positive you are. One project she's been working on is painting in the lines of women's stretch marks:

“Stretch marks are part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories and us,” Cartró writes on Instagram, acording to Bored Panda. “To accept all this is to accept your roots, your history, everything in it and, after all, accept yourself.”

Beautiful sentiment. And it also looks cool.

“Look at them, read them, discover them and love them.” “Starting at a really young age, we’re made to hate everything on our bodies that isn’t viewed as ‘normal’: blemishes, freckles, body hair, and so many other things, as well as stretch marks. Stretch marks are things that many of us have on our skin. I spent years hating them and trying to find ways to get rid of them, until I figured out that if I didn’t accept them, I wasn’t accepting myself. A few years ago, I started to work on self-love and working to accept and see everything that there is on my body. To accept everything is also to accept your roots, your history, everything in it, and at the end of the day, to accept yourself," she captioned her image in Spanish.