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This Bridezilla Is Having Her Friends Bid On Spots In Her Bridal Party


There is never any shortage of people going completely insane when it comes to weddings, but a Reddit user has actually managed to shock people with this story about her sister starting a bidding war over spots in her bridal party. "Sistersbridesmaids" deleted her story, but the New York Post recorded it for posterity. Buckle up, you're about to be taken on a wild ride!

The poor beleaguered sister-of-the-bride wrote that her sister is kind of spoiled, but she never expected the antics that have come up since she got engaged:

"My sister was always very spoiled by our parents since she’s the youngest of four kids and my mom had thought she wouldn’t be able to have any more kids. Don’t get me wrong, she can be very sweet and caring too, but she’s just a very immature high maintenance person. Basically she got engaged a couple of months ago and will be getting married at the end of August.”
“Anyway she still hasn’t chosen her bridesmaids. Instead, she has sent out dozens of…invitations, to various girls. It’s an invite to attend and participate in a ‘bidding auction’ on the six spots in her bridal party. Whichever six of all these chicks bid the most will be the bridesmaids. There’s also an auction for being her maid of honor. My sister and her fiancé are using the money to fund the wedding and honeymoon.”