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Congressman Totally Shuts Down Racist Reverend Over 'Dreamers'

Congressman Totally Shuts Down Racist Reverend Over 'Dreamers'
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Updated 10 months ago

When you tout yourself as a religious or spiritual person, you're going to inevitably be held to a higher standard than regular old people.

That's especially true when it comes to matters of public opinion. If you're a "religious" individual, then you really shouldn't be going online and showing hatred or animosity towards certain groups just because.

Something that Pastor W. Oullette probably wasn't considering when he sent out this tweet in reference to the DACA recipients, who are also known as, "Dreamers."

DACA stands for "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals." It's an immigration policy that allows illegal immigrants under the age of 16 living in America that have lived here since June 15th, 2007 to legally obtain driver's licenses, apply for jobs, and enroll in college. Homeland Security enacted the policy in 2012 and nearly 800,000 "Dreamers" have enrolled in the program.

The DACA program doesn't necessarily allow for anyone to have a clear path to permanent residence in the US. It just allows them to defer their deportation for two years, and they have to keep reapplying to stay in the US every two years after that.

Because DACA was an immigration policy that granted some level of clemency to immigrants who are just looking to educate themselves and work tax-paying jobs in the US, Trump seemingly had a problem with it and vowed to abolish the program. Trump's made his opinions on illegal immigrants from Mexico pretty clear well before he was elected, and since the majority of Dreamers are from Mexico, you can imagine the way far-right supporters are spinning the DACA narrative to argue for abolishing the program.

Reverend W. Oulette thought a good strategy on Twitter would be to call out Congressman Joaquin Castro, who announced his support of DACA and urged the Trump administration not to discontinue it, by asking how many of the "Dreamers" are in prison. But Castro had a beautifully simple response.

If you noticed, the good reverend's tweet was deleted, probably because he realized that he should Google something before making bold claims just to seemingly buy into a false narrative.

Burns of this size are pretty simple when you have facts on your side. (h/t cnn)  

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