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Source: twitter

Delta Flight Races Against Hurricane Irma, Becomes Twitter Hero

By Mustafa Gatollari

One of my favorite, over-the-top scenes from The Mummy Returns (aside from the entire film) is when Brendan Frasier and company band together to outrun the sun. That's right: They manage to run faster than an uber-powerful beam of light, from our solar system's biggest star, and crash into the shadows of safety.

It's exactly as preposterous as it sounds, because the film is trying to convince the audience that these everyday humans in the film are faster than the speed of light. But I'm OK with that, because it's a movie. I'd never expect it to happen in real life.

But some pilots at Delta probably didn't get the memo about outrunning nature's natural phenomenons being impossible, because that's basically what they did when they outran Hurricane Irma.