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These Insanely Confusing Parking Signs Have People Scratching Their Heads



Getting a parking ticket is the worst, but most people are willing to comply with the rules as long as they can understand them. Unfortunately, it seems like you sometimes need a doctorate in municipal planning in order to leave your car for a hot minute. Twitter user Yo shared a pic they took of a series of signs that left them scratching their head and wondering if their vehicle would get sucked into a vortex — joking that in order to park in Los Angeles, you need to solve a riddle. And that's some Saw stuff if we ever did see it!


The tweet went viral because it's so relatable. The replies are full of people topping Yo's photo with images of their own that show the three minute window where it's safe to park your car on some city streets — proving that this is an issue all over the country, not just in LA. A lot of pics are from Los Angeles, one of the worst culprits, but this seems to be an issue just about everywhere:

But look, someone has a brilliant idea: An app, simply called CAN I PARK HERE OR NOT, that — if we had to take a wild guess, a stab in the dark — tells you if you CAN PARK HERE OR NOT? Seems much simpler than trying to read a confusing sign while also maneuvering a vehicle around the block for the nineteenth time with hopes that, eventually, there will be different results or a more clear designation (spoiler alert: There will never be different results or a more clear designation, no matter how many times you circle the block). 

Dang! Where's the Kickstarter? When you're ready to build it, we're ready to buy it. 

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