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Source: Twitter

Teen's Story Of Taking His Girlfriend On A First Date While Broke Is Too Sweet

By Aimee Lutkin

Kittakone Sirisombath Jr. has been dating his best friend Destiny La'nae Irish for about eight months, according to BuzzFeed, but he waited a long time for their first date. When he finally got his chance he wanted to make it special. Sirisombath told BuzzFeed, "I offered to get her something to eat and her favorite thing to eat is a burger so I chose Chili's." Sounds like a pretty normal first date for a couple of teens, especially this part: he was broke.

Sirisombath's tweets about trying to hide how hungry he was as he watched Irish devour a burger, because he didn't want her to know he couldn't afford to feed both of them, went wildly viral: