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Teen's Story Of Taking His Girlfriend On A First Date While Broke Is Too Sweet



Kittakone Sirisombath Jr. has been dating his best friend Destiny La'nae Irish for about eight months, according to BuzzFeed, but he waited a long time for their first date. When he finally got his chance he wanted to make it special. Sirisombath told BuzzFeed, "I offered to get her something to eat and her favorite thing to eat is a burger so I chose Chili's." Sounds like a pretty normal first date for a couple of teens, especially this part: he was broke.

Sirisombath's tweets about trying to hide how hungry he was as he watched Irish devour a burger, because he didn't want her to know he couldn't afford to feed both of them, went wildly viral:

In fact, that's how Irish found out about how close they were to not having a meal at all. She responded to him on Twitter, saying he could have told her and just enjoyed some snacks together. Which he, of course, teased her about:

The sweet story was probably such a hit because people recognized it as something they went through when they were crushing on someone in the 12th grade. Or they're just lonely as heck and it made them weep with longing! Being single is so hard when teens are this cute:

Sirisombath is loving the attention, because he gets to redirect it to his girl:

Hey, this time there's enough to go around. You're both too freaking cute for words.

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