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'Diabulimia' Is The Dangerous, Extremely Common Eating Disorder No One Is Talking About

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you've hung around gym bros as much as I have, then you're pretty familiar with eating disorders - especially bulimia. Seeing large dudes with even larger appetites pound a bunch of fast food and then force themselves to throw it up isn't a pretty sight, but it's a common one. And although many don't picture overly muscular men as the poster children for eating disorders, a lot of times they are.

Another specific demographic of people who've developed eating disorders that aren't often discussed at diabulimics: people with diabetes who restrict their insulin intakes in order to manage their weight.

And if you know anything about diabetes and how important insulin injections are to maintaining to a diabetic's survival, then you can imagine how disastrous diabulimia can be. Natalie Holborow suffered from this condition.