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‘Rick and Morty’ Inspires McDonald’s To Bring Back Szechuan Sauce

‘Rick and Morty’ Inspires McDonald’s To Bring Back Szechuan Sauce
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8 months ago

In 1998, McDonald's partnered with Disney to promote the release of the legendary animation studio's newest film, Mulan. And they did it by releasing a Szechuan dipping sauce for their chicken McNuggets.

I remember this commercial as a child, and heck, I might have even tried it when I was younger. It must've not made much of an impression on me, or many other people, because it's not like there were massive petitions to bring it back like other fast food chain items.

However, when Rick & Morty's Season 3 debut featured the dipping sauce as a running joke, people started clamoring for the long gone McDonald's treat.

There were homemade recipes, petitions to bring it back, and countless memes about the Mulan inspired condiment.

Well it looks like McDonald's is finally listening to all of the hullabaloo surrounding their nearly-20-year-old sauce, because they're bringing it back.

That's right, all you Rick & Morty fans and others who just got caught up in the excitement of trying the long lost fast food confection, you'll be able to savor the Szechuan dipping sauce in all of its glory on October 7th. Problem is, they're only offering the bad boy for one day and one day only.

People are obviously stoked at the prospect of being able to enjoy the same sauce as their favorite cartoon mega-genius.

Others are already planning on stockpiling some for their own private stash.

Others are willing to travel some pretty intense distances to nab the sauce at the nearest available location.

In fact, not every McDonald's will be carrying the sauce, which is troubling news for many.

Others are already plotting their contingency plans.

If you're interested in trying it out, you might want to find out if a McDonald's near you is participating in the promotion.

Which you can find out by clicking on the link in the tweet from McDonald's, below.

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