This Soup Broke A Food Bank's Record For The Oldest Can Ever Donated

The 46-year-old cans of kidney soup broke all the records the food bank had ever set.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 29 2018, Updated 1:00 p.m. ET

The Cardiff Food Bank in the UK regularly accepts donations of canned food to distribute to those in need. 

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Sure, giving money is almost always more effective than going to the store to buy canned food yourself, but if you've got some extra groceries hanging around your kitchen and can't really afford or have time for a supermarket run, it's still an awesomely kind gesture to donate some long shelf life treats.

Unless they're 46-year-old cans of kidney soup, that is.

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Someone set a record with the Cardiff food bank for donating what is quite possibly the oldest piece of canned grub in the food bank's history.

Helen Bull, from the food bank, told the BBC: "It will probably still be in date, that's the funny thing, but will I eat it? Absolutely not. People's hearts are in the right place. Unfortunately when they are clearing out cupboards they do not always check the dates."

Bull said that the previous records were held by a tin of carrots with a 13p label, a tin of corn from 1982 and some pasta from the 1970s. 

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People were stunned that someone would actually do such a thing.

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Others thought that the ancient can might be worth something.

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Others used the unbelievable donation as a reminder of food bank rotation policies.

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Apparently donating way too old cans of food is a common practice. Watch this woman open a 35 year old can of corn that surprisingly, still looks edible. But you'd probably have to pay me a lot of money to test whether it really is or not, however.

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If you're going to donate cans instead of cash, just try and make sure the food is for human consumption.

Unless, you're trying to make headlines with your shameful food donating behavior, that is.


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