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Source: Twitter

Seth Rogen Admits He's Using His Wife's Makeup--And Twitter Was All About It

By Aimee Lutkin

Makeup is pretty much a standard for Hollywood. Any production is likely to have a crew to do make up and hair, and just make you look awesome for the cameras. It's a little less common for men to wear makeup out in public though. There's definitely a stigma that exists that makeup is purely something for women, and men don't need it. But hey even men have imperfections. They really shouldn't be that stand offish by makeup to where they feel they can't wear it. There is a movement to admit to wearing it. And it started with Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen isn't embarrassed to admit that he uses a little makeup to hide the rare blemish or two before heading to the red carpet. Why should he be? It's 2017, and men wear makeup. But Rogen still tweeted about it, perhaps expecting some form of mockery. He was dead wrong. People were there to raise him up because it's time to breakdown the barrier that it's unmanly to wear makeup.