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After BBC Nature Series Upsets Viewers, Twitter User Gives Helpful Tips On Lessening Plastic Usage



On Sunday, the BBC aired Blue Planet 2, and broke viewers' hearts with a stark look at what humans are doing to the Earth and its oceans.

Featured in the documentary was a pilot whale, whose baby had died from causes likely related to plastic ingestion or chemicals in the water. Devastated, the mother was unable to let the baby go, and swam through the water with its decomposing corpse.

People watching at home were destroyed by the images of a mother's grief.

One Twitter user, Gemma Tomlinson, used the attention received by Blue Planet 2 to give some suggestions for how the everyday consumer can limit their plastic use, and thus help with plastic in the ocean.

All of these suggestions could be implemented in our lives, and Tomlinson's note about not letting yourself be overwhelmed is a good one. See what small changes you can make and stick to, because it's the only way to make those larger changes.

Do it for all creatures, big and small.

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