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Source: twitter

This Woman Found A Genius Way To Smuggle Snacks Into The Movie Theater


We've all got different methods for smuggling snacks into movie theaters. Whether it's in your purse or hidden in your underwear. No one wants to pay $10 for stale popcorn, and people will go to some pretty extreme methods to avoid doing so to the point that pulling off the prefect snack smuggle is always everyone's fantasy. 

It's always sort of exciting but nerve wracking at the same time. What if someone snitches? When is the best time to start snacking, when the lights go off? It leaves so many unanswered questions but when you pull it off, it's always a rush to know you just saved a ton of bucks on overpriced snacks. Of course we've all dreamed of the perfect hijinks when it comes to this, and some people have gone to great extremes to make it happen.

This woman's method has gone viral for the creativity behind it. It's so good we've been wondering how no one had thought of it before. It's simply got everything you need -- an cover that no one in their right mind will call you out for, plenty of space for your favorite snacks, and a nice container for everything once you're in there. It even works in reverse if you need to leave the theater with the stuff you didn't eat.

All you need is a Styrofoam bowl from a hobby shop...