It Looks Like Barbie Finally Has A Girlfriend And Her Fans Can't Get Enough

There may be more to Barbie's love life than just Ken.


Oct. 3 2018, Updated 11:08 a.m. ET

It's hard for dolls without any naughty bits to have very complicated sexualities, but we all always wondered about Barbie. Like, she has so many girlfriends, and then there's just...Ken? I mean, they're all adult dolls and entitled to their privacy, but when an icon comes forward and is honest about her sexuality, it's a big deal.

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People have had many questions on what is really up with all of Barbie's personas for some time. Like doesn't she get tired of just dating Ken for the last 60 years? You'd have to think she'd want to see what else is out there. Many have speculated that Barbie might just be a bit more diverse than we'd been led to believe.

Which was proven when Barbie finally came out this week with a Love Wins post by the manufacturer of Barbie, Mattel:

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Pics of Barbie and her friend were featured on Mattel's ‘Barbie Style’ Instagram page, in which they're both wearing marriage equality "Love Wins" T-shirts. It's captioned:

“Proud to wear this “Love Wins” shirt with @songofstyle! Did you know that her exclusive t-shirts benefit different causes and non-profits? Such an inspiring initiative and fabulous few days I have spent with Aimee, she’s a doll!  #barbie #barbiestyle.”

Okay, so it doesn't explicitly say Barbie is gay, but we know what it means. And yes, it is freaking me out that Barbie's girlfriend has my name. It is an honor.

People are celebrating this beautiful love on Twitter and also shouting, "NO DUH!"

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It could be that Barbie is bisexual or pansexual or asexual, with a very cool lesbian friend name Aimee, it's not 100 percent clear. Whatever. She and her friend are just gonna enjoy some avocado toast, and y'all can mind your business. People now can feel included no matter what their alignments are is huge for diversity.

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You go Barbie.


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