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Extreme Gingerbread House Fails Are Emerging Online--And We Can Relate



A Christmas tradition that looks amazing on Pinterest doesn't always translate in the hands of less professionally festive folk. Every year, people try to make beautiful gingerbread houses, and every year, many of them fail miserably. 

But their failure is a win for us.

"I am very sad to announce my gingerbread house has suffered catastrophic damage. RIP gingerbread house. December 2nd 9:08 pm-December 3rd 7:56 pm. Cause of collapse: I pushed too hard on a gum drop and it broke," wrote one sad person who presumably put a lot of time and effort into their holiday dessert.

"Pushing too hard on a gum drop" is the best way to suffer catastrophic collapse, in my opinion. 

In fact, building a gingerbread house is not nearly as great of a tradition as sharing the utter failure of the cookie domiciles you produced. People are sharing all the broken, tumbled down sugar homes they've made, and it's better than anything they could have done on purpose.

"We tried to make a gingerbread house and write ACE family on it but we failed.... tomorrow we are making another one!" reads one of these image captions. Props, seriously, for the determination and perseverance you demonstrate in wanting to take on this savage challenge once again. I would probably not subject myself to two consecutive evenings of crucial failure, but that's probably why I've never ended up with a beautiful and delectable gingerbread house.

Some people even made their mistakes into part of the gingerbread's house narrative:

But even just showing off how the cookie crumbled is good enough:

And you can still eat it.

Unless you're INSANE:

What? It's still good to eat!! Take it out of the trash and plate it, in the spirit of the season. 

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