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Source: getty

Pence Fawns Praise On Trump During Cabinet Meeting—And Is Roasted By Twitter For It


It's no secret that Trump seems to be surrounded by "yes" men so he can try and delude himself into thinking people like him.

I mean, why else would the President of the United States of America hire people to just bring him positive news stories about himself, every single day, unless it was to soothe his ego? Oh and it turned out the person in charge of that job resigned. Maybe because consistently finding good news stories about Trump was too tall an order?

It looks like Vice President Mike Pence has taken up the mantle of the White House's resident purveyor of obsequiousness during a recent talk he gave after the GOP passed its final version of the heavily criticized new tax bill. In his short speech, Pence basically fawned over Trump with every word he uttered... At least, that's according to a bunch of responses from people on social media.