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Dog Makes A Bit Of A Miscalculation — And Now the Memes Are Pouring In



Animals get pretty hyped up over the holiday period, probably because their humans are so excited. Also because of all the turkey and ham laying around. And no animal gets more hype than a dog. Seriously, who else gets more excited about you walking through the door, or you know, a squirrel? However, sometimes that energy can backfire and result your pup getting more than they bargained for. Like, we still have no idea what Robert Downey Jr.'s dog is doing in this photo, and we don't care because it's amazing and our favorite meme ever. 

Anyways, Twitter user Clint Falin recently took to Twitter to share a video of his excited dog making a major miscalculation. The clip shows his dog running and jumping onto what appears to be a huge grey couch. However, what the pup — and viewers — didn't realize until it was too late was that it was actually two sectionals next to each other, and there was a gap between the recliners. 

Unfortunately, the dog didn't land the jump — and was quickly swallowed up and disappeared from view. But luckily, we can watch this fail over and over again for our amusement, because trust us, it is pretty funny. (And no animals were harm in the filming of this now viral tweet).  

As you can imagine, the memes are rolling in. 

A classic. 

Warn out places, worn out faces...

That's a long story. 

Game over. 

And in other viral animal tweets you may have missed over the holidays...

We're sure he'll grow out of it. 

"Is that my dog?!"

What makes you think that? Oh. 

If he fits, he sits. 


Why not? 

Animals are the best. 

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