A Guy Asks What Men Would Do If Their GF Got Them This Gift And The Replies Are Hilarious

This man's hypothetical gift of a Guy Fieri-branded sock has people losing it.


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:37 p.m. ET

Relationships get torn apart by gift giving season. You either get a confirmation that our partner loves and understands you, or you get something horrible, like socks. Some of te people reading this have probably been looking over at their boyfriend or girlfriend and wondering where they went wrong all week. Christmas is a minefield.

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Twitter user Chris Plug decided to stir the pot a little more by throwing out a hypothetical. This is actually a good quiz for couples. How you respond to this question might determine your compatibility. Plug shared photos of a Croc shoe, but one emblazoned with a picture of TV chef and Times Square mainstay Guy Fieri. Also flames, just in case you didn't know these shoes were from hell. Then he asked the fellas what they'd do if they found these things in a box on Christmas morning.

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Weirdly, the answer across the board is "MARRY HER." Or some other variation of "marry her" that proves that guys only have eyes for Guy Fieri crocs, and the women who will give them Guy Fieri crocs. (Cue the "men only want one thing and it's disgusting meme...) Is this really what you want, guys? Or is this some kind of weird Flavortown hostage situation, in which every last one of you has succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome? 

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I've never understood Fieri's popularity, and reading these replies makes me feel like I'm living on a completely different planet from the men of America. This is what you want to wake up to on Jesus's birthday?! I guess on the upside, a lot of women know how they're gonna get that ring. It's yours if you can stand the humiliation of purchasing these shoes the Devil fashioned. 

Honey—it's not worth it.

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