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This Guy Went To New Extremes To Find A Girl From Tinder After Accidentally Swiping Left



If you've ever had to slug through the quagmire that is online dating, you'll know that swiping left and right can become extremely tiresome.

So tiresome that you sometimes accidentally swipe right on someone you had no intentions of "liking." When that happens, as annoying as it is, it isn't that bad. Even if you match with them, you could always ignore them if they message you. Sure you'll destroy their self confidence, but there are ways around that, like pretending you're a bot.

Even worse, however, is when you accidentally swipe left on the potential man or woman of your dreams.

You might try searching for that person on Facebook, squinting at profile pic thumbnails, hoping you locate them. If you do, maybe you send them a Facebook message and that's the end of it.

But for this one Tinder user, that wasn't good enough. He knew that the woman he accidentally swiped left on went to Missouri State University and her name was Claudia. Armed with that information and some other details he read from her bio, he set out on a quest.

To email every single Claudia enrolled at MSU in the hopes of getting a date with the Claudia.

Source: twitter

He did manage to reach her, so in a fit of disbelief that someone would actually go through so much effort to find her, and maybe a fit of gassing herself up (I mean, why wouldn't you) Claudia posted his email on Twitter for all the world to read.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

Claudia seemed to appreciate the overzealous gesture from the enamored boy.

And a few other people thought that Hayden's persistence was admirable.

Other people wanted to know what Claudia's response was.

While some people had some very strong opinions about the young man's methods.

Eventually, Twitter was able to find the guy who sent the message. It's not like he was hiding who he was, however, as he listed his Instagram handle in his email to all the Claudias.

In fact, he changed his Twitter bio message just in case people were unsure whether or not he was that Hayden.

He seems to be taking his newfound Twitter fame quite well. Regardless of whether or not Claudia took him up on his date offer.

Because seriously, I want to know if the two ever tried to hit it off.

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