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Bernie Sanders Grumpy Clapping For Trump's State Of The Union Is Too Relatable



Trump's State of the Union speech has been receiving a lot of criticism. I've long since tuned out to what he's been saying as he doesn't back up the vast majority of his claims, but since he's the president and all, people listen to what he has to say.

Some have pointed out that Trump basically suggested that Congress gives up all legal power and provides his cabinet complete authority to carry out whatever it wants to do, while others mentioned some glaring omissions from his address, like the Russia investigation.

There are many who suggest that Trump may be one of the most divisive presidents this nation's ever elected, so it's only natural that opinions on Trump's speech vary widely.

Jim Carrey painted some pictures to describe what it's like to see Trump up on stage.

But there were undoubtedly, a lot of salty Democrats who couldn't hide their feelings during the address.

Probably none saltier than Bernie Sanders.

You see, there are tons of people who believe that in a general election, Sanders would've fared much better against Donald Trump, due to Hillary's much-discussed "unlikability."

Even Trump pollsters believe that the Donald wouldn't have stood a chance against Bernie.

Which is probably why his palpable disappointment with the Donald became the perfect meme.

The look on his face is just too relatable.

Seriously, it's perfect.

Haven't we all felt like this at one point in our lives?

We can't help the thoughts that creep into our head at inappropriate times.

A lot of the memes are, unsurprisingly, about relationships.

But people became less concerned with how Bernie's clapping and more with the person who claps behind him.

I mean just look at those things in action.

He wasn't the only one who provided a priceless reaction, check out Cory Booker's thousand-yard stare here:

While others pointed out the similarities between Bernie's facial expression and Melania's.

Sanders, not content to simply sit there in quiet agony, provided his response to Trump's State of the Union speech.

There's always 2020, I guess. 

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