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Teen Who Bragged About Reporting Classmate To ICE Gets Roasted Online



A teen named Cory Carnley was enjoying his last year as senior at Gainesville High School, doing the things that white, suburban youths have been enjoying recently. Like having a really racist Reddit account. reported on Carnley, stating his Reddit page is full of posts where he uses "the n-word, fantasized about torturing immigrants, and bemoaned how white women sleep with people of color." Then on Monday, he posted in a subreddit that supports Donald Trump, claiming that he reported one of his classmates to ICE.

He called it "MFW I report and illegal who goes to my school to ICE." He then shared that face, which is wearing a MAGA hat, a huge grin, and for some reason includes him smoking a grandpa pipe:

Source: Twitter

In his post, Carnley tried to justify his actions.

"The person I reported hasn’t even been here long enough to speak more than basic essential English. They’re no DACA baby like everyone seems to be assuming for some reason. Also, don’t worry about their family. They’re illegal too," he wrote.

On Tuesday, reported Carnley was no longer at his high school. They believe he has been expelled.

David Shelnutt, Gainesville High Principal, told them, "The student who made the postings is no longer attending GHS."

His larger statement for the school was one of disgust:

"I could not disagree more with the ideas in these posts. They certainly do not represent our school's culture. GHS is a wonderfully diverse school where students come together and do amazing things. One student does not speak for 1,800 classmates. While this is an extremely unfortunate situation, I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students."

Shelnutt wouldn't give any more details about why, citing privacy laws, but did add, "I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students."

A lesson to be learned suggests a lesson was taught.

People on social media are not letting this be forgotten:

It's unclear what's happening to Carnley now, or what corners of the Internet he's slithered into without Reddit. Has he learned anything from all this? I honestly hope to never hear anything more about him.

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