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Source: Twitter

Teen Who Bragged About Reporting Classmate To ICE Gets Roasted Online


A teen named Cory Carnley was enjoying his last year as senior at Gainesville High School, doing the things that white, suburban youths have been enjoying recently. Like having a really racist Reddit account.

Babe.net reported on Carnley, stating his Reddit page is full of posts where he uses "the n-word, fantasized about torturing immigrants, and bemoaned how white women sleep with people of color." Then on Monday, he posted in a subreddit that supports Donald Trump, claiming that he reported one of his classmates to ICE.

He called it "MFW I report and illegal who goes to my school to ICE." He then shared that face, which is wearing a MAGA hat, a huge grin, and for some reason includes him smoking a grandpa pipe: