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17 Babysitters Who Definitely Deserve A Raise

17 Babysitters Who Definitely Deserve A Raise
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Updated 4 months ago

While the parents are away the kids will play, and potentially drive their babysitters to the brink of madness. I always refused to go to sleep until my parents came home when I was a kid, and you know what? I was letting my sitter off easy.

So, what do sitters do to get through the long hours until the proper authority figure shows up? They get creative, and for that they definitely deserve a raise.

Like taking the kids to an epic fantasy world:

You never know what they're going to say:

Or try to get God to intervene:

Tears are a part of the process, accept them:

Use what's around you:

Make sure to remember to have your own fun:

When your guy friends babysit lol 3/31/16 #textsfromthebabysitter #malebabysitters

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And definitely beware of all the hazards.

😂 #babysitterprobs

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Check in with the parents:


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Don't be afraid to bribe them with food:

Sometimes the kids will entertain themselves for awhile:

Or give them an art project:

They'll love it.

But keep an eye on them!

A very close eye.

The best thing a babysitter can do is keep the kid in one piece until mom and dad get home. More than that, and you're asking for trouble.

Have fun!

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