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People Are Furious With This Cancer Awareness Campaign That Targets Obesity

People Are Furious With This Cancer Awareness Campaign That Targets Obesity
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Updated 4 months ago

Cancer Research UK is currently running a campaign to bring awareness to the fact that obesity is the "second biggest preventable cause" of cancer after smoking. They're being somewhat aggressive with it, airing commercials and running adverts and billboards:

Comedian Sofie Hagen started tweeting about the campaign—she'd like to see it come down.

Hagen has a pretty big following, so Cancer Research Uk noticed her complaints, and responded. They assured her that they weren't trying to shame people for being overweight, just trying to raise awareness:

Hagen disagreed:

Hagen argues that actually supporting people's health doesn't mean making them feel badly about their bodies or further demonizing their weight by implying they're asking to get cancer, and if they do, it's their own fault:

Hagen is not the only one who has a problem with this campaign. Lots of tweets are saying that Cancer Research UK should have considered how they drew attention to their research, because the trolls are using it as fuel:

There are also lots of horrible tweets attacking Hagen that I won't link to, but mainly expressing the idea that the statements from the Cancer Research UK team are simply irrefutable facts that can't be argued with.

However, they themselves state that one of the main goals of their campaign are to change government support for healthy food initiatives. So, why not a commercial about food subsidies? Or the evils of fast food corporations? Or against poverty and lack of access to fresh food? There are a lot of ways to go when campaigning for health, and attacking people personally only draws a line that justifies abuse in the minds of horrible people.

It's also a pretty rude way to approach someone on the street! If you come at me with a pack of fake cigarettes and a camera, expect me not to be happy.

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