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Drunk Man Accidentally Orders Uber And Wakes Up Four States Away



Ride hailing apps like Uber are great for a night out on the town. For a couple of bucks, everyone can drink and get home safely. You're no longer forced to be a designated driver. At least that's what Kenneth Bachman from Sewell, New Jersey, figured when he recently visited friends near West Virginia University and had a night of drinking at a fraternity party.  

As any responsible adult would do, he decided to order an Uber to take him home once he'd had enough of drinking. The problem? His home pin wasn't set to where he was staying in West Virginia. It was still set to his home in New Jersey — five hours and four states away. 

Bachman explained to CBS Philadelphia that he was very, very drunk when he ordered the Uber and was essentially "blacked out" and quickly fell asleep when he got into the Uber.  

“We went to a frat party and then went to the bar. I was getting drinks all night; I probably spent like $200 at the bar after already drinking all day.”  

But one Uber driver was up to the job. The price tag for his ride? A hefty $1,635.93. 

“Basically, I kinda just blacked out. The last thing I remember was being at the bar and then I just woke up in the Uber next to an older dude telling me I was an hour out from Jersey.” 
“I was just like … ‘That’s crazy. Like, why did you agree to, like, take me to New Jersey from West Virginia?’” 

An Uber spokesperson confirmed with The Washington Post that the trip did occur, and explained that it was so expensive because Bachman had ordered an UberXL as opposed to a regular Uber in his drunken state.  

Uber said they had reached out to Bachman, and that he has agreed to pay for the trip. Looking back on it, Bachman said, “I guess it’s kind of embarrassing.” 

The worse thing? Bachman left his bags back in West Virginia, so he has to head back to pick them up this weekend. 

Bachman's bill just edges out the $1,100 ride that three Chinese business people took from Dallas-Fort Worth to Nashville when their connecting flight was cancelled. That 650-mile journey was more than double Bachman's trip of just over 300 miles, and is believed to have been the longest Uber journey ever in terms of distance. 

And in December of 2016, Uber driver Janis Rogers picked up a fare in Virginia and drove her eight hours to Brooklyn for a total fare of $294.09, which seems pretty reasonable for a 397-mile, 7-hour-42-minute ride. 

Other Internet users have also taken some pretty interesting rides, and were kind enough to share them on social media for the world to laugh at. 

I can show you the world.

At least they got a tour of the city...

That seems unnecessary... 


This is an Uber driver we can get behind. 

Alcohol and Uber can sometimes go terribly wrong...


Has this ever happened to you? 

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