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Source: istock

Drunk Man Accidentally Orders Uber And Wakes Up Four States Away


Ride hailing apps like Uber are great for a night out on the town. For a couple of bucks, everyone can drink and get home safely. You're no longer forced to be a designated driver. At least that's what Kenneth Bachman from Sewell, New Jersey, figured when he recently visited friends near West Virginia University and had a night of drinking at a fraternity party.  

As any responsible adult would do, he decided to order an Uber to take him home once he'd had enough of drinking. The problem? His home pin wasn't set to where he was staying in West Virginia. It was still set to his home in New Jersey — five hours and four states away. 

Bachman explained to CBS Philadelphia that he was very, very drunk when he ordered the Uber and was essentially "blacked out" and quickly fell asleep when he got into the Uber.