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This New 'SpongeBob' Meme Has People Sharing Their Dark Side



Yum, yum, yum, we have a delicious new meme sprinkled all over the Internet, adding a little zest to the timeline. A single shot of Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants is being used to express all the darkest corners of people's hearts and minds. Here's the clip if you want some scenic context:

But the image is just Patrick looming over Spongebob, ready to start some drama. He looks pretty evil, and so he is known as "Evil Patrick." People are sharing Evil Patrick and all their own most evil, grasping, sinister, conniving, selfish moments. The funny ones anyway:

The meme is obviously hilarious because of how cruel people on the internet are. For example, telling your sibling they're adopted? Classic older sibling move, and this is definitely the face you have on when you do it. There's absolutely no arguing there. 

Same goes for the French fries for that matter. Who offers to make the drive-thru run when all the friends of the group are chilling at home in front of the TV? The only good reason to (and i've done it) is to surreptitiously swipe half of everyone's fries, and maybe even get in a sip of someone's chocolate shake while you're at it. Unless you prefer strawberry, then McDonalds might not be able to help you but In N Out sure can. 

But this is definitely 100% the face people make when they fool their dogs into thinking they're about to get a nice run and some very chill exercise time while they hunt a all or a stick when in fact the exercise they'll get is only running from side to side dealing with your psychology games.

Recognize yourself?

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