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Source: getty

The FBI Has Been Using Geek Squad Employees As Informants For Years


How great is it to call someone a NARC in a low stakes situation? Like a blasting a friend ratting you out for cheating in a classroom game of 7-Up as a kid, someone at Burger King pointing out you put fountain soda in a water cup. I mean, I've always coughed up the extra $1.29, but just because someone else doesn't want to, doesn't mean I'm going to blow up their spot like that.

But there are some times when you absolutely need someone to being a NARC. Like, if let's say, you have a certain Presidential family that's worked with a foreign government to win an election stateside. Then yes, NARCs are a good thing, because it's exposing treason. And treason, for those who don't know, is a very bad thing.