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Source: twitter

The 'Headless Woman' Is A Recurring Trope In Movie Posters And It's Shockingly Sexist

By Mustafa Gatollari

I recently watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and wasn't surprised by how much the movie made me laugh - I knew it was hilarious.

What I was surprised with just how much better the script was than I remembered it. The film isn't just a "revenge against the ex-girlfriend" movie, Sarah Marshall's (played awesomely by Kristen Bell) character has some really great moments in the film, especially her monologue when she opens up about trying to make a failed relationship work.

I was really touched by the movie when I didn't think I would be, especially the second time around (maybe because I'm getting soft in my old age) and tried racking my brain as to why it felt so different from other raunchy, getting-back-at-the-ex movies I've seen. And I think it has to do a lot do with the @HlywoodHeadless project that twitter user @MarciaBelsky started.