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People Are Furious About This Huge 'Harry Potter' Plot Hole

People Are Furious About This Huge 'Harry Potter' Plot Hole
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3 months ago

Fantastic Beast 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald released it's first trailer this week. The film hasn't been without controversy, but the fight over the trailer came from a pretty unexpected place.

People are for sure extremely excited, especially to see more familiar ground, like Hogwarts:

But there is one detail they're focusing on that's not so great:

Yes, you can see wizards apparating into Hogwarts in this trailer, which is very expressly forbidden in the books. You have to take a horse or car or your own two feet. You can't just pop by.

And people are genuinely pretty upset about it.

This has led to some passionate arguments:

There are also a lot of people trying to come up for reasons why you would be able to apparate into Hogwarts during the time period of this film, which is several decades before the events of Harry Potter's time.

Or like, maybe there's special rules? For special people?

But the ultimate ruling is no, no one can, never ever, okay??

If only the director had checked in with the author of the series! But if there's nothing to be mad about, is it even fun for Harry Potter fans?

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