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This Artist Has Been Adding A Character A Day To One Drawing And It's Incredible



Tom Gran is an artist and animator, who works as part of a team called the Spinkick Bros. Their work often seems to include detailed images of wild characters, set in complicated scenes. You can get a sense of what some of the finished products looks like on their Tumblr page.

Like this:

Or this:

They've even done some animation for Disney:

But that's not enough! Gran decided to also set himself a creative challenge for 2018. The challenge was to draw a new character every day as part of a giant fight scene. Why? Just to keep the juice flowing. You only live one 2018, make it count for something.

Gran has been uploading his drawing to Twitter for his users to enjoy every day, and halfway through March, it's already become an enormous, detailed, funny and intriguing universe. A universe where everyone is fighting all the time. Scrolling through the drawing's progression is hypnotizing; it's almost like you're seeing these characters come to life.

It's not clear how much, if any planning goes into the characters. It seems like they all naturally interconnect with one another, but that could be Gran's skill at developing his ideas on the fly:

He does seem to erase occasionally, like with this woman leaping over the pipe in Day 10:

But the picture keeps growing wider and taller, as Gran throws in more details. It's like a Where's Waldo, but Waldo hasn't show up yet.

Can you spot the hat?

He has changed the rules of the challenge a little bit, but only so he can add even more characters, which is insane:

But I guess it explains how people are flying?

Wow, me too! And there are so many more. Here's where Gran's drawing is right now:

Wow, who knew, they're on some sort of vehicle! You can follow Gran's project on Twitter until his drawing is too big to be contained, and see where else this epic fight will go. By the end of the year, it might take over his entire house.

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