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Source: istock

This Anti-Bullying Law Will Have Parents Of Offending Kids Fined Up To $500


Raising good children is difficult, but then again, the most rewarding things in life usually aren't walks in the park. No one feels so good about beating their 4-year-old cousin in Street Fighter. But, if you somehow manage to best the guy who lives in the arcade and receives his weekly paycheck in quarters, then you can pat yourself on the back.

It's not a secret that bullying in school is causing major problems for students all over America. Whether it's kids staying home from school and missing classes for fear of being bullied, worsened academic performance, or, in some tragic instances, children taking their own lives, bullying is having a major negative impact on America's youth.

School administrations can only do so much to curb or stop bullying in its tracks - it's not like children can be monitored in school every single second of the day, and that's just in the classroom - what happens when kids leave for the day? With the prevalence of social media and cell phones, kids can become targets for bullying 24-7.