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People Are Sharing The Most Embarrassing Things They Did For Love

People Are Sharing The Most Embarrassing Things They Did For Love
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4 months ago

Ah, unrequited love! When the passions in our hearts burn so fiercely that we completely embarrass ourselves for the objects of our desire. Pretty much everyone has loved and been spurned at least once in their lives. Consider yourself lucky if it ended there.

Journalist Nicole Cliffe shared an advice column on Twitter from the blog Captain Awkward. The advice went to someone who had been dumped, but was continuously sending the person who dumped them notes and cacti as a sign of their devoted love.

The person who got dumped received their Dear John letter via text message, which Cliffe approved of:

But then she admitted that she could relate to the dumpee: she too had once crossed some boundaries post-break up.

Cliffe's confession inspired people to start sharing some instances where they refused to accept that something was O-V-E-R.

People felt warmed knowing that they weren't the only idiots out there:

Cliffe liked the response so she solicited more embarrassing love stories from her followers:

And they delivered:

Phew! This is really putting some of the stuff I did as a teen...and an adult...in perspective.

Any of these stories dredge up memories for you?

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