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Blind Man And His Guide Dog Show Everyone How Thoughtless People Can Be

Blind Man And His Guide Dog Show Everyone How Thoughtless People Can Be
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4 months ago

Amit Patel is a former doctor who lives in the U.K. Patel lost his eyesight in 2012, and has relied on the assistance of his guide dog, Kika, ever since to get around in public, CBS News reports. Patel became virally famous after sharing footage from a GoPro attached to Kika's harness, after showing a video of abuse they both often receive while out and about.

“It isn’t to rat anybody out,” Patel said, “it’s to say she works really hard, and she gives me my independence. You take that from her, you take that from me. You wouldn’t take someone’s wheelchair from them.”

Patel tweets from his own account and one make just for Kika. He recently shared a story about how no one would give up a seat for them both in the disabled section of the train through Kika's account:

Then shared it on his own, commenting that it can be hard for him to feel safe on the train and he worries for his dog when they can't sit safely in a seat.

A few people, including other people with similar disabilities, have suggested Patel is overreacting. Elin Williams wrote that the coverage Patel received framed people with disabilities as being weak—she herself uses a guide dog.

He seemed to understand her perspective:

But far more people seemed ready to say that humanity has gone down the toilet:

Many swore up and down that they would have given up their seat:

Patel is very in favor of  small acts of kindness, and encourages his followers to take this story as a lesson learned:

He also shared more about the stress his pup is going through when they're out in public together with another GoPro clip. It's a lot to navigate:

Patel and Kika also try to spread awareness in person, not just online. They often visit schools to discuss what it means when you see a guide dog in public, and how to act appropriately with them:

And Kika gets a special belly rub, too:

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